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MR Delivery - Ottawa Movers has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions Related to Moving. If you don't find a question/Answer below, please don't hesitate to call us on 613-482-2551.


1. What are your Rates for Moving and Packing ?

Please check our Moving Prices page for more details


2. How Long Will my Move Take ?

Every move is different and lot of factors determine how long the move will take. Proper packing, labeling, ease of access and a floor plan will save about 2 hours on each move. Generally a 1 bedroom takes about 4 hours. 2 Bedroom apartment takes about 5-5.5 hours. A 3 bedroom house takes between 7-8 hours.

3. Do you have any hidden Fees that are not advertised ?

No.  We’re very proud to be one of the few moving companies in Ottawa that are upfront with all the moving charges included in the quote provided.
4.What is travel time and what travel time I am charged for?

The travel time is the time it takes our movers to reach the origin house/Office and after completing the move from Destination House/Office back to our warehouse. Travel time is generally one hour. Driving between the origin and destination is considered moving time.
5.What Method of payments do you accept?

We accept visa, Master card, Amex, E-transfer and Cash as final payment. There is generally a surcharge on Credit card payments of 3 Percent.
6. Do I need to Empty Drawers and Cabinets or Leave Stuff Inside ?

Yes, we require emptying of your Heavy dressers and Cabinets. Also all breakables should be removed from the furniture.

7. Do you assemble and Dismantle Furniture ?
Yes we do assemble and Dismantle furniture and our moving team have power tools in the truck however if you are trying to save time, we recommend doing it before the arrival of our moving team.
8.Does your company provide packing Services ?
Yes we do provide packing services and they are charged at the same hourly rate as moving services plus the cost of packaging materials which are provided by our packing team at a discounted price.
9.How do you Wrap furniture to protect against Damage ?
We wrap all furniture and Bigger Fragile pieces in moving blankets and Shrink wrap them to protect against dirt, Damage and Scratches. We provide a furniture Crubble Wrapping Services to clients moving to Storage Units.
10.Do your movers provide any floor protection?
Yes we used Floor runners to protect hardwood, carpets and floors.
11. Do you Transport Dangerous Goods ?
At this point we don't transport dangerous goods.
12.Are you insured?
Absolutely! Proof of insurance is available upon request.
13.What is your claims policy?
We have a hundred percent satisfaction Guaranteed and all Claims must be filed within 24 Hours of completion of moves. We take Customer Complaints and Claims very seriously as customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority. 

14.Is it OK to tip the movers?
Yes as we work at the service industry  TIPS are welcome.